Sprite Robotics

Sprite Robotics (a.k.a Petronics) is a startup company in Champaign, IL out of the UIUC Research Park. They are in the home robotics sector and their first product is Mousr, a robotic toy to play with your cat. Check out the kickstarter

I interned at Sprite Robotics from January to May of this past year as a Research Engineer Intern. I thoroughly enjoyed my time there and was able to work on very interesting problems related to the current product and also future directions. Working at a small startup company gave me the luxury to know everyone (all ~10 of us!) and have my ideas be taken seriously. They are a group of  intelligent, dedicated people and I cannot wait for my Mousr once it hits the market (don't quote me or anything but there's a good chance they will be ready for this holiday season!). 

If anyone is interested they are hiring! You can check it out here