Lava Lamp

For my ECE Senior Design project my team made an improved Lava Lamp and we won the "Most Marketable Project" Award! Here is a link to the project.

The basic idea is that traditional lava lamps are:

  • Slow to heat up and even to begin "lava-ing"
  • Dangerous when left on for too long
  • Not very interactive

Our Improved Lava Lamp Fixes this by:

  • Using a set of heating resistors on a metal plate to heat the lamp faster
  • Using temperature sensors and regulating the temperature to safe levels
  • Adding Button-Selectable Multi-color LEDs

You can see a time-lapse of a traditional Lava Lamp as well as our Improved version below. The action starts at 0:55 in the first video and about 0:10 or so in the second. Both videos are played at x50 speed.

Traditional Lava Lamp

Improved Lava Lamp